Mission: The Resolution Center is a non-profit corporation whose mediators educate and empower people to transform conflicts into opportunities for mutual understanding, social change, communication, and personal growth. The Resolution Center, through collaborative efforts, raises public awareness of the value of Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution methods as vehicles for resolving personal differences and diminishing conflict in society.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We recognize that diversity is not static and evolves with a changing community. We aspire to be an inclusive organization that embraces diversity in every aspect of our service to the community. To create an inclusive environment that fosters trust, respect, and equality for the people we serve, we will set standards and implement policies and practices which will be evaluated on an ongoing basis.

Statement of Confidentiality

Under Massachusetts law, information from mediations will not be made public and cannot be used in court.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Chapter 233, Section 23C of the General Laws:

All memoranda, and other work product prepared by the mediator and a mediator’s case files shall be confidential and not subject to disclosure in any judicial or administrative proceeding involving any of the parties to any mediation to which such materials apply. Any communication made in the course of and relating to the subject matter of any mediation and which is made in the presence of such mediator by any participant, mediator, or other person shall be confidential communication and not subject to disclosure in any judicial or administrative proceeding; provided, however, that the provisions of this section shall not apply to the mediation of labor disputes.

For the purposes of this section a “mediator” shall mean a person not a party to a dispute who enters into a written agreement with the parties to assist them in resolving their disputes and has completed at least thirty hours of training in mediation and who either has four years of professional experience as a mediator or is accountable to a dispute resolution organization which has been in existence for at least three years or one who has been appointed by a judicial or governmental body.

Resolution Massachusetts Community Mediation Centers' Statement on Racism and Injustice:

“As mediators we encourage respectful engagement for diverse perspectives to be heard and offer a place where people can have constructive conversations. The ideas of access, diversity, quality and service are what defines us as community peace-makers.

We stand with all communities in our state, country and world in saying that racism and injustice in any form are unacceptable and the right to peacefully speak out against these whenever they are encountered. We cannot close our eyes to the consequences when we stay silent.”

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