The Resolution Center has been approved by the Massachusetts Trial Court to provide mediation services for small claims and minor criminal cases in the Salem, Peabody and Gloucester District Courts. Our trained mediators work to resolve conflicts between family members including parents and teens, delinquency and permanency mediation in the Essex County Juvenile Court and divorce and family mediation in the Essex County Probate and Family Court.

Mediation for cases referred by the court are often held at the court building but may also be available remotely via Zoom. An agreement reached in a court-referred case can be entered as an order of the court if the parties choose to submit it, becoming a legally-binding, enforceable agreement. There is no fee for court-referred mediation.

Our specially trained and experienced mediators can help parties to a court case:

  • Minimize the cost of settling a dispute
  • Maintain control over the settlement process
  • Speed up the resolution
  • Maintain confidentiality

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