“I have witnessed some incredible transformations in kids during mediation. The art of listening and really hearing how someone has been hurt or disrespected can be very powerful. I feel students who have participated in peer mediation think twice before repeating the same behaviors again.” ~ Kim Bergey, Andover High School

Conflicts and miscommunications among young people can become a serious impediment to learning, create an unsafe atmosphere and may lead to acts of violence. Oftentimes conflicts are “solved” with disciplinary action from a school administrator or other adults, leaving the underlying issues unresolved and likely to resurface. Our Youth Services staff provides opportunities for young people to build strong communication skills around listening and resolve their own conflicts.

Our programming includes

Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation is a voluntary process during which student mediators assist other students to resolve conflict and disputes. It allows schools to commit to a conflict prevention model that empowers student mediators to assist their peers in resolving conflicts.

Students learn the principles and process of mediation to address low-level interpersonal conflicts at school. Staff are trained to serve as program coordinators and supported by The Resolution Center to manage the program. To get started with peer mediation at your school, contact us or read more about Peer Mediation Training here.

Restorative Practices

We provide a continuum of restorative practice services to schools. Our programs focus on prevention and intervention. We tailor partnerships with each school to the school community’s current needs and goals. Our staff and mediators can facilitate restorative circles for young people and/or their teachers and families.

We also offer trainings for schools that are beginning the shift away from punitive models of school discipline and communication toward restorative practices – see our current training options here.

Youth Leadership

Every year we bring together young people who are leading in their schools as peer mediators at the Annual Peer Mediator’s Forum. It is a day when these students get to meet mediators from different schools to share their experiences, brainstorm new ways to improve their programs and hear inspiring stories from people who are advocating for peace around the world.

Students look forward to our forum because it honors the student mediators and their commitment to helping fellow students resolve conflicts peacefully. With a new theme for each forum grounded in student interests and current events, it motivates the mediators to return to school with more enthusiasm and unity, excited to tell everyone about peer mediation.

In 2022, The Resolution Center launched a Student Advisory Group to bring a smaller group of young leaders together to advise on youth services and share lessons from their experience as peer mediators.


These cases are sometimes referred by the Juvenile Court Probation Department but families can also reach out directly to seek mediation services before the courts are involved.

Our specially trained and experienced mediators help families talk through many difficult issues including:

  • Running away from home
  • School attendance and performance
  • Friends and social activities
  • Independence and privacy

Juvenile Court

Young people who are involved with the Juvenile Court for Delinquency or Harassment Prevention Order cases may be referred by the Court to mediation as a way of resolving the dispute themselves.

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